PNG Protein Park (PX3) is an innovative agri opportunity which is initially focused on breeding and producing meat sheep for the PNG market. BNG has secured a long-term lease for 1,200 acres on the Koitaki farm on the sorgeri plateau, 45 mins away from Port Moresby. The Feed crop is Redlands Leuceana which is well suited as a high protein tropical plant and the sheep will be secured in their own specially designed sheds


We aim to produce a high quality red meat product comparable with Export quality Lamb carcasses,  We also act as stewards of this land, caring for its health and improving the nutritional value of our pastures.


Leucaena is a deep-rooted perennial leguminous tree or shrub with foliage of very high nutritional value for all species of ruminants in PNG. The new commercial varieties are very palatable, nutritious, long-lived (up to 40 years productive life) and drought tolerant. Leucaena is ideal for larger scale & intensive production in PNG. The introduction of Leucaena will result in Greater Profit margins to those farmers who plant Leucaena as a feed source for their Sheep. Leucaena will provide a reliable high quality feed source during the dry season in PNG when the quality of the pasture feed is severely depleted.


Our consultant has been a small ruminants (goat and sheep) specialist  for over 20 years working for the Queensland Department of Primary Industry, As well as developing sustainable projects in Fiji, Vanuatu  Malaysia.


This new breed is a combination of the Fiji Fantastic, White Dorper, Black Head Dorper, Van Rooy, Australian White and Meat Master. This allows them to adapt to the tropical environment of PNG. The breed has a high degree of resistance to typical parasites and is quick growing, reaching market weight of 45-48kg live weight by 6-7 months of age. Dark pigmentation and black hooves make this a striking animal. They are highly fertile and can lamb all year round.


BNG Trading is the oldest importer & distributor of food products in Papua New Guinea, operating since 1947, in addition, Papua Niugini Freezers (PNF) operates the largest small goods processing facility in PNG

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