QwikBai offers end-to-end procurement solutions, with speed and accuracy, saving our customers time with all sourcing, purchasing, freight and delivery requirements in one place.

We have over 15 years’ experience with international business, sales, marketing, and logistics related to Papua New Guinea, Including the Highlands & Islands and the Greater Pacific region.

Import or export the products you need as quickly as possible!

Antap International partners with QwikBai to offer fast, accurate and reliable end-to-end procurement solutions.

QwikBai saves our customers a significant amount of time, by handling all purchasing, freight and delivery requirements in an efficient manner. Their team has over 15 years’ experience in the international business, sales, marketing and logistics industries related to Papua New Guinea (including the Highlands, Islands and Greater Pacific Islands region).

A flexible business model gives customers access to an extensive international supply chain:

  • Complete import or export solutions: logistics, operations and documentation
  • Dual-trading offices with on-the-ground support in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region
  • Multi-currency and flexible trading terms

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